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April 21st, 2009

Friends Only @ 12:03 pm

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

This journal is Friends Only.

I don't just add everybody who asks to be added.

I also reserve the right to remove anybody from my list at anytime.

*Comment to be added.

 (if you are already my friend, you have not been removed)


March 13th, 2009

Brendan, this is for you @ 12:58 am

Current Mood: satisfied satisfied

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a hand print on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend:
Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a sky bird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better
But because I knew you,
Because I knew you,
I have been changed for good

December 16th, 2008

December 14th, 2008

November 5th, 2008

(no subject) @ 12:15 am

Current Mood: energetic energetic


June 14th, 2008

(no subject) @ 01:33 am


******FRIENDS ONLY!******

Please comment if you wish to be added! =)

January 7th, 2008

(no subject) @ 11:16 am

I made a community for people like me who love to climb in indoor rock gyms, whether they be a beginner or an expert or just want to know about it, please join it!